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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The MS HUG is not out of affection

After I went to my Dr to determine what was the source of the pain/snapping/rubber band stretching/weird stuff going on in my left flank, I really did not get help.

He sent me to get a CT of my Kidney to make sure I did not have a stone. Well, Of course, no stone. The tech at the CT said I was free to go. I drive back to the DR's office and see my nurse at the counter. Then I asked, what now, I need something for breakthru pain. She goes back to the Dr and he offers a script of Mobic, a sronger version of alleve.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. Why will people not listen. Alleve is like an M&M. It is not my fault that my Neuro started me on Narcotics 21 years ago. I take Oxycodone 40 mg ext every 12 hours. Quite frankly, it is not that great. I am not a raving drug fiend searching for my next fix. I take it as directed. I am not DUI, I am not Public Drunk, I am not even high. I have read in several MS blogs from other patients, their dr's give them meds for break thru.

The only explanation must be he is so scared of the TBI which monitors drug scripts out of Nashville. He is scared of an audit, investigation or something. If I as a Dr has been following the "LAW" as required, I would not fear an audit..

I feel as though I am paying the price in pain because of his fear of these people. This is not how it is supposed to be. The Patient comes first, period. If you can provide relief even to a MS patient, which he said he could not make pain free, maybe he needs to re-evaluate his desire to be a Dr.

I am the patient, in need. I beleive he took an oath to help me, Government be Da----.

That will do for now, More to come.


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Ray said...

Hey man, My name's Chicagoray, and I've had MS for 10 years and my neurologist was the same way but I take Methadone pill form, 10mg a day 4 times and it helps

I have death wishing pain every day in both flanks, my right neck and basically all over from continuing to walk when most would be wheelchair bound.

It's not for everyone, I read bad stuff about it but in pill form and as you say taken as directed it's been the best thing I can get and find. It doesn't make you high and works.

The problem is I/you probably have to have a whole different doctor for it, pain specialists, who want to see you every 2 months to make sure I'm not junkying out which I never do, and it's a thought.

I ran across your blog, I was a 7 year blogger at, I quit last year due to all the fucking liberal threats after years and years of them became tiring but I'm on the net all the time, I work as a coder and designer. You should check it out.

I also do anti Obama photoshops too you can see by googling chicagoray picasa photoshops as well.

I'll link to you to help your rank and I'll drop by from time to time man. Good look. MS sucks. :(