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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Cost of Food is going up, Barry !

Well, I just returned from a dreaded trip to the grocery store. I think Mayonaise is made from crude oil. $ 5.69 for Hellmans. Everything is going up, let me make you a short list.

1. Corn Up 100% = this year so far. There goes the Cornbread. SIlos are reported to have the least backup inventory , ever.

2. Sugar, same price, just 3 lbs for the same price as 5, that is what 60%

3. Beef, Forget

4. Pork, used to be reasonable, not now.Organic Bacon, $ 8.99 lb, what the Hell ia an organic Pig, they are a Pig.

5. Obama wants to add a $ 1.00 per gallon tax thru EPA.

6. Any Cereal, All Grains, straight up.

7. Let's not even mention gas.

8. Cooking Oil, Granola Oil. Last year 1 QT was $ 1.29, now $ 3.99

9. Ice Cream, same price but if you hold the carton sideways, 2 inches thick, a Trick

10. Deodorant, Don't know why, regular can Arrid Extra Dry was $ 1.69, now $ 4
I guess we will be like the French, take 1 bath a week.

This was a true professional study, just a mad shopper ..


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