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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Reading a History Book in 50 Years, I Hope

This reads like it is out of a History Book 50 years from now, If we have History Books then, Mitch

For more on the tyrant’s tactics read Chapter 5, “Wannabe Peers Strategy And Tactics”, in the book “21st CENTURY COMMON SENSE”.

When President Obama took office the “change you can believe in” was finally exposed to be just another name for tyranny. Spontaneous demonstrations of concerned patriots sprung up to protest the assault on our freedom. The tyrants were not very concerned; surely a huge majority would understand the advantages of security and unearned income over the freedom and the prosperity of Capitalism. Certainly, large crowds would shout down these reactionaries. All that was needed was a little encouragement. However, the movement was a distraction to the masses and the truth is always dangerous to the tyrant’s agenda. Immediate action was necessary.

The patriots had to be discredited before they could gain momentum. For years, the wannabe tyrants had incredible success discrediting the opposition by labeling it “RACIST”; this bunch of loosely organized malcontents, the “Tea Parties”, would be no different. After all, the new President was black. It would be easy to convince the populous that the opposition to his programs could only be base upon racism. Mr. Obama’s particular brand of tyranny was the culmination of over 100 years of slow methodical advances in benevolent coercion (tyranny). After all, the Progressive’s agenda had enjoyed over 100 years of popularity. There could be no rational reason to oppose the Progressive’s program now except that the advocate was black.

Having almost total control of the “main stream media”, the wannabe tyrants expected a quick resolution to the threat. They unleashed the preponderance of propaganda demonizing all opposition to the tyrant’s benevolent program and declaring the malcontents to be racist. The premise was that these benevolent programs were clearly in the public interest so that only an irrational personal defect such as racism could be the cause of opposition. The tyrants flooded the media with claims from politicians, celebrities and progressive organizations such as the NAACP that the tea parties were racist and evil by nature. Of course, the claims were bogus. Ayn Rand’s book “ATLAS SHRUGGED”, published in 1957, took issue with all of Mr. Obama’s agenda, long before Mr. Obama even had an agenda. With such a flood of propaganda, the destruction of the Tea Party movement was imminent.

The midterm congressional elections were approaching rapidly and the tyrants redoubled efforts to demonize the Tea Party. Even the Rinos, (Republicans in name only) reinforced the tyrant’s message. The Tea Parties had to be totally discredited before the election. The tyrants flooded the mainstream media with misinformation, how could anyone associated with the tea parties hold their head up in public after being branded as evil racist. But a strange thing happened; the Tea Party participation increased, as did the demonstrations supporting candidates that oppose Mr. Obama’s agenda. But the tyrants were not worried. They were confident that the people would people respond to the overwhelming publicity of the preponderance of propaganda? The tyrants were sure that the November 2010 elections would crush the Tea Parties, forever.

The November 2010 elections were a disaster for the wannabe tyrants and a victory for the Tea Party. The tyrants lost control of the House of Representatives, lost many Governorships and almost lost control of the Senate. It was an impossible victory for the Tea Party and freedom. Worst yet, the victory increased the Tea Party’s momentum.

Of course the tyrants did not admit defeat. Instead, they blame the poor results on the failure of the voters tounderstand their agenda. They vowed to correct the misunderstandings and explain the virtues of their agenda to the masses. The tyrants, undeterred from their objectives, continued to enact legislation to advance their agenda during the lame duck session that followed the election. Yet, privately the tyrants were in a panic, seeing that power slip away and the momentum of the Tea Party growing.

With almost total control of the mainstream media, the preponderance of propaganda was unable to demonize and destroy the Tea Parties. They must have been very surprised at how little truth it takes to counteract the false premises and lies.

In accordance with their tactics the wannabe tyrants have increase the repetition and quantity of misinformation. Their top priority is now to limit or eliminate sources of the truth. Distortion and lies will be used to convert any event into an issue that supports silencing the opposition. The propaganda disseminated about the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Giffords is typical of their efforts. They must silence dissent if the wannabe tyrant’s agenda is to be successfully implemented.

The wannabe tyrants will stop at nothing to silence the truth! Both Hitler’s and Mussolini’s first priority upon obtaining power was control of the media. So far, President Obama has been unable to totally control the media. Having seen how little truth is required to discredit misinformation, silencing the opposition is now the wannabe tyrant’s primary objective! Claiming that the violence from a left-leaning lunatic, with no ties to the Tea Party, is caused by the Tea Party’s rhetoric demonstrates their desperation.

If the wannabe tyrants are successful in using the government’s monopoly on force to silence the political opposition, the American Revolution is lost!

Flooding the mainstream media with propaganda trying to convert an event into an issue has a second advantage to the wannabe tyrants. Attention is diverted from the repeal of Obama care.


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