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Monday, December 20, 2010

Our buddy Zach sticking it to the Conservatives

I read with great dismay Zac Wamp's comments regarding Fox News. I have known for a long time MSNBC, for whatever viewers they have, has been Obama's Network, all Obama all the time.

Zach has claimed conservative roots, principles, and such. Now, to speak out against Fox News. the one voice in the wilderness, shocks me.

I know now the Governor's Race turned out exactly as it should. I cannot imagine if he had won and then turned into a Obama Liberal before our eyes.
Below is a quote from the Chattanooga Times Free Press
He knows how to burn bridges, he seems very bitter for his age.
"The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported that Wamp told the group that views expressed on "MSNBC and Fox News — we’re right and they’re dumb — is not good for the country."

He said shows on those outlets are ratings-driven, with a "he said/she said" perspective that is "divisive."

"We are not looking at what the real problems are and what the solutions are," the 53-year-old Wamp said. "We’re an alienated culture now. Americans know that at a certain point we have to cooperate."

Representatives from MSNBC and Fox News did not return messages seeking comment Wednesday.

Wamp said in a telephone interview Wednesday that he is in discussions with television network executives about possibly becoming a moderator of a new show that would take an "unbiased and unvarnished look at the issues of the day."

He said the show would be modeled after "The McLauglin Group" that airs nationally.

There is a need for a "mature, responsible dissection of the anatomy of policy," Wamp said.

Wamp said he wants to provide an alternative to news shows that fail to provide insight about "where reasonable people can disagree on major issues and still cooperate."

"We’re not cooperating enough with each other," Wamp said.

He said MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" with Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman from Florida, is "the closest thing to that kind of a show" and there is nothing similar that airs weekly or during evenings.

Wamp said he recently participated in a yet-to-be aired ABC World News show with several other outgoing members of Congress.

"I didn’t pull any punches about the mistakes both parties have made," he said.

Wamp told the newspaper that he’s committed to working in the private sector and "being on television" is a possible career choice."

I hope conservative Republicans will read this and see how duped we were and how Wamp is turning on us because he was not elected.

If he does a show on MSNBC I guess he wants to speak to the lowest rated audience.Fox has more than MSNBC,CNN, and all the others put together. They will welcome his conversion and " fresh outlook " Ha-Ha.What a career choice for a man I once supported in his first term. He sure talked a good game.

Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain
from an undisclosed non-descript location

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