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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Glenn Beck supports my theory on Shortwave Radio

This morning, while listening to our Brother, Glenn Beck, he brought up Shortwave Radio. I could not beleive my ears.

For three years, I have stocked up on Shortwave Radios. I have purchased 5 over E-Bay. I have Radio Shack's older units, the DX-160. One of the best Shortwaves ever built. Heavy, made of real metal, lights that have not burnt out in over 30 years service. I have older tube units, small electronic units. I have shortwave antenns ran to a tree as in the U.S. Army Ranger handbook.

I have 4 CB Radio Base Stations. Base Station Antenna, a good one. CB Radio in my pickup and a Radio Shack 800 MHZ Scanner as well, fully functionable. I can pickup Weather Alerts direct from the National Weather Service while Mobile.


I have expressed my theories with other friends on the mountain. Several have followed my ideas and we now have a radio net in which to work. I can monitor SW and re-broadcast on CB as needed, to less informed citizens.

In short again, There may come a day, when our true information may come across SW. The Obama Adm efforts to take control of the Internet and Talk Radio may force some information underground.

Get Ready

Mitch Thurmer
From an undiclosed location

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