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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Conspiracy Theory or just maybe possible

Before you write this off as a complete conspiracy theory, read and say, what if.

You, are the President of the United States. Your approval numbers are plummeting. There are groups such as the Tea Party rising up, communicating and organizing as never seen in past administrations. Your every move is under a microscope. Your'e party just took a butt-whipping in the mid term elections, and partly due to instant communications. Your'e entire circle of advisors are nashing teeth and some are abandoning ship, without a life preserver.

The Cable News outlets are on your case 24/7. Hope and change have transformed into just maintain what you had. You have passed Obamacare, raised the deficit beyond human comprehension. Millions, Billions, Trillions and beyond are not able to be visualized.

What is the key to your regaining control ? The Internet, Talk Radio, both Am and FM, Bloggers with more followers than some Newspapers have got to be reined in
and the boot put on the neck of Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Liddy, Palin, and others.

What major event can help get you get this under control ? Sensitive information released on the " Uncontrolled Web ". That is the key. I find it extremely hard to believe that a Private, Corporal or some unknown NCo can get access to these sensitive materials. And Think, they have to be outrageous, embarassing, damaging, Top Secret,
and where were they leaked ? On the evil and uncontrolled WEB. Is it such a far fetched idea that Government would not put this together ? Yeah

The more severe, the more acceptable to Congress ! In Joint Session, The President comes forth and demands that the Web, Anti-Administration Talk, and Underground newspapers must be gotten in control and silenced, all in the name of National Security. This is the Perfect Storm against free speech and thought in this country. If by the Administrations's leaking these sensitive paper a few CIA, and other operative are in danger, the end justifies the means in the eyes of the Administration.

It will appear that the Administration is outraged, obtaining warrants for Wikileaks staffers, but how hard will they really look ? And a senario is in play already as to how the staffers will be handled if apprehended.

Shutting down Free Speech thru the FCC, making the Internet a tool of the Administration, keeping the Voices of the Right silenced, Only the State run Media remains.
We will be fed just what we are determined we need to know, not too much and not to little.

Before you write this off as nuts, re-read and think, please

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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