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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everything going on in America and the World

I don't think I am being paranoid or a doomsday observer. It seems everthing is going the wrong way at once.

Our Country, in 2 years under the Obama Regime, has spiraled out of control. We all know about the TARP, Stimulus, Son of Stimulus, Government Motors, etc. Even our President said there were things being done we don't know about, how comforting.

Social Security Recepts are getting hammered. The cost of living does not include energy and food, well what else matters ? Social Security recepts are going to shoulder the cuts more than most. Government employees wages are higher that ever, with many, many, making more that $ 100,00 per year. The class warfare is not between the rich and poor anymore, it is govt employees vs private sector. If history were to be studied, these type of circumstances existed before the rise of the Nazi's in Germany and before the revolution in Russia.

The searches, groping and other insults the flying public are going thru has a much more sinister purpose than just safety. The American public must become numb to government intrusion. Loss of freedom, "Present your Papers" is going to become accepted. Who are you going to complain to, the Government ? HA !

Top Down and Bottom Up strategies are being used in the internal remake of this nation. We are in Peril.

In the World, North Korea and South Korea are ready to go at it 50 years later, et al, China vs USA. But now thing are very different, we owe China MONEY. DO we dare upset the nation that holds our Mortgage ? Would you go to your Mortgage Banker and kick him in the Groin, Don't think so. The USA is impotent when it comes to any Chi-Com problems, believe me on this.

There is one hope, Belief and Trust in GOD and Jesus Christ. Pray, Pray Deeply for help. All the problems of this world are just that, of this World. It will all end one day soon, and I personally know I will not be here to endure the Tribulation, Praise be my Lord and Savior. Amen and Amen. Mitch Thurmer

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