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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Would we have wished Hitler Happy Birthday ?

I have had this on my mind since it happened but was afraid my message would be lost in the Election comments.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley sent Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ( Iaminajihad ) a birthday greeting on the occasion of his 54th Birthday. He used the greeting as a chance to ask for the freedom of two American hikers who have been held since 2009. He sent this message by what I guess is the newest diplomatic channel, Twiter.

I look back through history and yes, British P.M. Chamberlain made some very bad mistakes in his handling of Hitler.He thought, as does our current administration, that if he was appeasing, Hitler would be nice.

A-jad, as I call him, has threatened to remove Israel from the map. He is thought to have Nuclear weapons. If we could have the true information from our government, I feel he already has them. He is currently awaiting the 12th Imam, who is said to defeat all the Muslim non believers. He has spoken to the United Nations and spoken of how the United States is the great Satan. Iran is known to be a State sponsor of Terrorism. Human Rights in Iran does not exist. Women are stoned in the streets, Barbarism is everywhere.

Yet, thru a Social Networking Internet Website, our frail and impotent Government is using this as a delivery system for a request to release American Citizens. Where is the backbone in this country ? Where is Roosevelt's speak softly and carry a big stick ?

Birthday Greetings ? Happy Birthday thru weapons released by a F-22 Raptor Fighter. Birthday Greetings to your Nuclear Sites via Cruise Missles and B-52 Bombers, if we still have any that work.

The day will come, with very deep regret, that what I have tried to communicate in this posting will be re-read with saddness. The time to act is now. Stop A-jad's steady march to being a full blown Nuclear Power, Now !

The sad reality is that I am sure, in the highest command of our armed forces, these leaders know what I say is true. They know the clock is ticking, they feel the sweat on their brows, nervously wiped away before a meeting with the
President. He does not nor will not accept the facts before him. He is more concerned with a 10 day junket thru the far east. This reads like a travel brochure, 10 days in historic India, Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

Whre else could our Government spent $ 2,000,000,000.00, Yes 2 Billion Dollars. 35 Warships will travel with Obama, countless secutiry, every room at the luxurious TajMahal in India is booked (580).

And what do we do here, He would prefer we watch The View and other mind numbing entertainment, I will NOT ! Pay attention, we have one a battle for Conservatisim but we have a Very Far way to go.

More to Come.

Mitchell E. Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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