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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life's changes we don't want

Deep down inside, regardless of what we learn in Church or from the passing and changes in our relatives, we think we are going to stay like we are right now forever.
Today, a very dear friend of mine, a man who has replaced my Dad in my heart since Dad died, had to go to a Nursing Home. It was not because he had dementia, or could not care for himself at all. He is in his mid 70's and recently did fall and crack some vertabre in his back.

It was for his own good, so he doesn't fall again and help him get his diabetes in control. We hope his stay may be temporary, that he can lose some weight and improve his health, that would be great.

I still have to get my mind around the idea that he is getting older as I am also. My balance is bad, ny MS seemes to be getting worse, time marches on.

Only God knows what is ahead for us all and we must trust him and accept what he provides. AMEN

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