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Monday, February 14, 2011

MS, needing scripts, and the Insurance Co's telling us what to take.

As I write this, it is 11:30 at night, wy, because I can't sleep.

Beginning in January, I knew it was a new year on my Part D provider, Humana, and with dread, wondered what obstacles lay ahead. I have not read the 2700 page Obamacare Bill and do not know what provisions lay in wait for those of us on Medicare Part D.

Problem 1. I have been on Lyrica for over 2 years. It is a wonderful drug marketed by Pfizer. It is for Neuropathic Pain, Diabetes Nerve Pain a dn Fibromyalgia. I take it for the Neuropathic pain which is where let's say your arm has a point that hurts really bad, down deep, where you can't reach it. I have news for you, your arm is fine, the pain is in the brain from damage there. You can rub it, beat on it and do anything you please, no difference. Lyrica eliminates it in the brain, works great. I had been receiving Lyrica from Pfizer direct, in a program designed for those of us who have a limited income. Effective 12/31/10, I had to re-emroll for the program and therefore had to get a script filled locally until it went into effect. i received the script and took it to my pharmacy, Signal Mountain Pharmacy, a locally owned excellent pharmacy, walk in with a script and walk out 5 minutes later. CVS, takes forever and prefers you drop them off the day before, bad service.

I took the Pfizer apps with all requires papperwork to my doctor in January, wanting to get approved as soon as possible. In this case my Doctor dropped the ball. I printed off a sheet for him to fill out and he did not but mailed it anyway, same on my wife. I pasid $ 70.00 copay for one script for me and per the Pharmacist, Deanna and I should share until the Pfizer program meds are which should pretty quick. 2 weeks later, my app comes back with the page the doctor did not fill out. 2 weeks later Deanna's comes back the same..

The problem is the doctor's office is overrun with apps just like mine, causing errors and delays.

#2, The Biggie. I take a strong script fo MS pain, period. This year in Jan when I walked in with the script, it could not be filled, Humana said to call. I called and they said I had to try some alternatives first. Great. First option Codiene. Codiene in the PDR is described as a mild to moderate pain releiver.

Compare to what I was taking, M&M's were as good. after 2 weeks of agony, Humana says, Morphine Sulphate. Well, Morphine has a long list of side effects. For the last two weeks I have been week, had Insomnia,(like now) nausea, and other pleasant problems.

Today, I visited the doctors office and had to have them a excemption form for my regular med, explaing that this is not working. I am going to call these people tomorrow and hopefully get approved. This is Feb 15. 45 Days after this started.

I have MS, it is documented. Why, should I be expected to be a Gueina Pig at my own pain and expense so that some bureaucrat can sit at his desk and make oblect decissions about something he knows nothing about.

This is what is coming with Obamacare, patients waiting for a decision, suffering, for no good reason.. Be afraid


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