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Friday, February 18, 2011

Doing what is right, Across time.

As we get older (oh no, not me) when we can reach out across time and miles and say what was left unsaid is important. I recently connected thanks to Facebook with a friend I had not spoken to in almost 40 years. 40 years is a very long time. But in some ways, not that long. Even with my MS I still have memories of that person, a new 1973 Camaro, and how as teenagers we were very typical kids. It is amazing that over time, what you have done as a teenager, comes to mind. With MS I can't tell you what I did last week but 40 years is available, weird. How perhaps you did not say the right words before moving on. You don't say those words now, thats crazy talk. What works is to reach out , connect, and say you were sorry. Life is so grand, and yes I say that with all the problems I have had. I have a wonderful (there are not words to describe) wife who is amazing in her devotion to me, great kids and of course 6 grandkids who just simply blow my mind. All they have to say is "please Papa" and the melting is complete. But going back to my subject. You must appreciate what lives others you have known have lived so far. Be joyful with them in their success and sad with them in disappointments. I don't mean to sound so wise about connecting with other, just a suggestion. In todays interconnected world, If you find a person who you mistreated in your actions, reach out and be a friend. You cannot undo what has been done, but in your older wisdom (Older?), you make a snile come across faces you have not seen.

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