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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Savage Media

I have been very interested in the Republican Presidential Candididate field since Obama was Immaculated.
My interest was really stirred by Herman Cain. Not a Damned Politician, A Businessman, a Gentleman, A guy you would like to sit down to Dinner with!.

Since the rumblings started of "Undisclosed Females" making claims, the Drive By Media has been panting anxiously for more and more. Remember the Eagles song "Dirty Laundry", this is perfect. It has grown to a Painted Lady and then on to #13, you know, 13 long years.

First, does anybody think you could hide an "affair" for 13 years, Yeah Right. I can't even hide who got the last Little Debbie. Maybe it's just my telling looks, Deanna knows me like a book. Being that it surfaced today that a female bodybuilder had to get a Stalking Restraint Order against #13, which way was Herman's Texts coming from.

We have had a Master woman chaser in the White House before, i.e. Mr. Clinton. He brought unknwon amounts of shame upon the Office of the President. When you take an intern into the broom closet and offer her a "Cigar", he sure isn't speaking up on this very important matter is he.

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