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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How I discovered moving to Polk County was the Right Decision

Editor, Polk County News

September 15, 2011

How I learned moving to Polk County was the right decision..

Polk County has many advantages that will attract potential residents, Beauty, a slower pace of life, and many more attributes that I have not room to list.

On Saturday, September 10, I witnessed an event that cemented my decision on moving to Polk County.

I had just made my weekly trip to the dump and as I passed the Courthouse, noticed a gathering of people, a podium, and some individuals in suits. I assumed there was going to be a political observance of the 9/11 tenth anniversary, I was to be pleasntly suprised.

As I approached the group, Mayor Stephens was addressing the attendees, marking the anniversary but also announcing this was going to be a Religous Observance with a list of Ministers to speak. Even the Speakers were not regulated as to what they could speak on, they had Freedom of Speech.

On the Courthouse steps, under a clear blue sky, I listened to Minister after Minister, offering up their Thanks to God for our Country and our continued safety from Terror attacks since 9/11. Each Minister spoke from his heart, repeatedly asked for God's Blessings, and Thanked God for our Blessed lives we each live. I was very moved by each and even more by the location.

If this Prayer Meeting, had been propsed in most counties in this State and even Country, it would have been stopped before it started. I can visualize Police Officers being forced by "The Authorities" to remove each Speaker, The Mayor, and the attendees. The ACLU, the Courts, would have moved quickly to shut this down. The co called seperation of Church and State would have been their banner.

I spoke with Mayor Stephens after the event and Thanked him for sponsoring the event, he an elected offical. He told me " As long as I am the Mayor of this City, this observance and many others, will take place on these steps." I voiced my opinion, Even though I had just moved here, the steps, the grounds, the very building belongs to me. Mayor Stephens immediately agreed with me and supported my opinion that no one can prevent us from standing on these grounds, in peacefull gathering.

This is the reason that I know, I made the correct decision moving to Polk County. This County still has the common sense, the realization that citizens, from the poorest to the wealthiest, own this property. It is our Courthouse, our grounds, and if we as a people, gather on these grounds to display our Thanks to God, it is our RIGHT, not a privledge. The Constituion simply says " The Right to Peacfull Assembly" it does not say if some court aggrees.

I applaude Mayor Stephens, the Ministers, and each and every attendee for excercising these beloved rights. The United States of America was founded in these God given rights and God has shown his favor upon this land since it's beginning. If we, as a people, let these rights slip away, or be denied by a Judicial decision, we lose everything. If that day should come to Polk County, and I pray it never does, the Citizens of this County must stand up in defiance and stand our ground. The United States Governement, the current regime, may try to remove God from our public places, but here, in this Beautiful County, we must not allow this to happen.

If we stand our ground here, I pray it will serve as an example to others and bring others to stand up for their rights and to stand up for God.

Respectfully Submitted to my fellow Citizens, Mitchell E. Thurmer
I have been a regular contributor to, an online newspaper in Chattanooga. My opinions are well known, based on the Constituion, Anchored in Conservatism, and tempered for the disadvantged by a 21 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis.
I welcome comments at thePolk County News and at

Thank You Editor for your consideration..MT 299-9120

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