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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Election Day Aug 7, 2008, Signal Mtn.,TN

Well, being the responsoible person I am, I voted today. It was a State Primary and local Sheriff and School Board Seat election.
The reason I am so moved to discuss it is, The local schools here in Signal Mountain are growing. A new High School opens next week and a new middle school also. The biggest news is a group known as Friends of Signal Mtn. High School has sold the classrooms. Yes, I am serious. For, $35,000 YOU can have your name placed on a classroom. For $650,000 , you can your own stadium named after you. Well, I guess you see where this is going.
These people think they can make this their own private school. That is the mantra being spoken at the Soccer Mom corners. Those people will not be allowed. I am mad, yes mad. People struggling to live and these self centered, pompus, mule behinds are trying to take over.
Be afraid, Very Afraid.
I've got to go de-stress, I get worked up at the thought.

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