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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

An appointment at Vanderbilt MS Clinic

After so much frustration with Neurologists in Chattanooga and with my worsening Cognitive problems, I decided to request a referral to the Vanderbilt MS Clinic in Nashville. The appt is set for July 20. I can't wait.

I am ready to go to someone who understands MS, as it really is. I have had too many Doctors try to minimize the symptoms and wish away the pain. Now I am on pain meds that I see no way off of. I am looking for help. The worsening cognitive issues may be due the meds as well, I just don't know. Periods of appearing "Drunk" and having no memory of these episodes is terrifying.

If I stayed in that condition, I would have to go to a nursing home, there is no way Deanna could keep me out of trouble.

I will post the outcome of this new chapter..Mitch

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