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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bill Haslam as the Next Republican Governor of the Great State of Tennessee

First let me say I like Zach Wamp, always have. His office has helped me on a couple of issues and were always prompt and courteous and got the job done

I have decided that Bill Haslam will be the best choice for Governor based on very important point. He has ran a very successful business. His father, Jim Haslam started Pilot Oil Company with small Service Stations. Gas, Cigarettes, Coca-Cola Machine, Tom's Peanuts, and Someone to pump your gas. His vision into the Self Service Market helped catapult Pilot Oil Company into what is today. Travel Centers, Convenience Stores, Multi State Operations.

Bill worked and ran the Company for 23 years then ran for Mayor of Knoxville. He has had a very successful Term as Mayor, running Knoxville like a business, period.

After 2 Terms of Bill Bredesen and some really bad Governor's before him,( Remember Ray Blanton?),the time has come for the State of Tennessee business as usual to end. Stop the crony operations, clean out the partisan boards that create Czar type County "Governor Reps" that dole out the favors to the good old boys. When it came time to "clean up Tenncare" Governor Bredesen threw Me and others like me under the Bus.

Here's the Kick in his wisdom, We were paying a monthly premium for our prescription coverage. It never was the same, sometimes 50 dollars a month, somtime 350, but never ask those geniuses why, they would send you a letter stating your appeal is being considered and you will not lose your Tenncare now. Really makes you want to ask questions.

The reason I know that Bill Haslam has to have a keen business mind and a quick thinker, my father was an Exxon Distributor in Blount and Knox County for 30 years, AS my Dad did, the Haslam's had to deal with shortages, rationing, wild price fluxuations, Personell Issues, Federal and State and City Regulations, and the list goes on and on. My Dad's Career was cut short by Colon Cancer at 58 years of age. The Company was sold by my Stepmother and that was that.

Some have criticized the Haslam's for "Being Wealthy". I appreciate any successful business person and if they accumulate some wealth, fantastic.

If Bill Should happen to lose to Zach Wamp, I will support Zach for Governor, but as for now, I want a Successfull Business Man Running this State..

Thank You,

Mitch Thurmer

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