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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Yesterday, all the news including my source of a lot of info, Drudge, stated the government has calculated that the Cost Of Living Adjustment will be, ARE YOU READY ? ONE POINT FIVE PERCENT (1.5%) Whoopee Again, the government is screwing the Social Security recipients for extra funds for other things..( How about helping Obamacare, or how about the upcoming push for un-documented aliens) I am beside myself. I fear I have taken to the keyboard before taking the time to calm down, AGAIN ! What sane person, no matter their position in life, can believe that the Cost of Living in this Country has only increased by 1.5 %, Crap. For instance, Unleaded gas in this small town was $ 3.10 per gallon the evening that Congress got together and prevented the "Cliff" we were going over. Well guess what, the next morning Gas increased 12 CENTS per gallon ! No explanation and much to my dismay, the public is so de-sensitized by this trauma, they do not even notice, ! HELL ~ When our Commander in Chief was elected the FIRST TIME< Regular Unleaded was $ 1.89 Per Gallon ! WE have been over $ 3.00 for so long, the shock is worn off. I guess the under $ 2.00 Per Gallon Gas Prices will be the Good Old Days. If you walk with a rock in your shoe long enough, you will get used to it, that is where we are now. I have to take a walk and try to figure out what expenses I can cut now, simply, We are losing our Ass's Get a good grip, we are going down the pit, some one must speak up, Maybe You ?????????????????? Later., Mitch.

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