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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Being Disabled is now a DRAIN on The Country !

As many of you know, I have been an avid supporter of Rush Limbaugh. Up until yesterday, I thought he and I were pretty much on the same page. Well, Shit, it don't look good. Rush went into a monolouge about Social Security Disability Insurance recipents. I have never heard him go into this subject, at least of note. He proceeded to anounce that 14 Million SSDI recpts were somehow not worthy. He hinted around that many were not "disabled". Today, after writing him an "on fire" email yesterday, I was cruising the Drudge report. I found exactly, almost word for word where he got the info and how he repeated it. It is located at I must admit, the case laid out in the NPR article is probably on the money. Many people, approaching 60, who have been working hurt or disabled. After losing their jobs and being unable to find work, they choose at the advice of MANY SSDI Lawyers that is their best option. I am not going to make an opinion on the above, that is something each person must look at themselves. I will make this statement: I have Multiple Sclerosis. I tried to work. I could not work. U-Haul made me go on their Short Term Disability. One year later U-Haul MADE me file for SSDI. I was accepted in one month. NOBODY is accepted in one Month, it is unheard of. I wonder,what influence did U-Haul Company have with SS and getting me accepted so their out of pocket would drop over $ 1,000 per month. Rush, before you read the NPR article, almost verbatim, to YOUR listeners, which many being that they listen to you in the middle of the day may be retired and or disabled. You should have thought before you really pissed me off.. Mitch

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