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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some people think disabled means brain dead.

I recieved an email from someone with one of those weird screen names today. I am going to try and post it now.

"You can launch a boat, operate a boat, fish, spy on soccer mom's at Pruitts, write, edit and publish opinion letters, but you're too sick to work and are forcedto draw disability? ! ? "

This really pisses me off. Because I have MS, I am not supposed to have an opinion, voice the opinion, or fish, or go to the grocery store, and such.
Just because I am disabled, and was forced to go on disability 14 years ago, I don't know what this person expects of me. I am not brain dead. I can only assume that she picked me up me off of one of my posts to, which is a online newspaper, opinion site, etc. You are supposed to put your email on your post, so I do. I guess I opened up myself to the lunatic fringe when I did so.
I responded to the writer by telling her first she needed to be educated about MS. I assume it is a woman, based by the name "Queen". I told her to go to the MS society website and see what really is going on. I look at this as not only an attack on me, but any person disabled with MS who still uses their brain. I have spoke out about the selling of classroom naming here on Signal Mountain, very strongly against it. Where else can you get a classroom named after you for $ 35,000 ?
Maybe that was it. I also had written a post to Chattanoogan about a new high speed boat the Tennessee Aquarium operates on the Tennessee River. There have been numerous accounts of boats being swamped with it's wake. It operates at 50 MPH and according to their website, the captain said it handles like a jet fighter, wonderful. My stepson and a friend was trying to make it to shore as it approached and was swamped 20 feet from shore. Maybe my telling the story upset her. I was not in the boat even though she said I was able to fishing. I guess if you are disabled with MS, you are not allowed to go fishing.
I hope that this is not a sign of things to come. MS has caused enough problems in my life, now I have to worry about attacks because I still can think and express opinions.

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