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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pencils for sale....

I have been on Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) since 1994. I was employed by U-Haul Company when MS forced me to go on their disability when I cojld not work the 60 hours workweek mandated when you were on salary. I did as told. Luckily, I had enrolled in the optional disability policy when I was hired. They payed me 60% of my salary for 6 months, then I was told I had to file for SSDI. 1 month after filing, I went to the mailbox on day and there was a check form SSDI. I was so confuse, I called SS and told me that was my benefit and I was approved, wow. Well, U-haul reduced my benefit to $ 277.25 and have paid it every month since.

I jumped the hoops as required. Yearly paperwork to take to my doctor and for me to fill out. I always sensed that they would love to get rid of me. After working for these folks, I knew I was considered a waste of money. The big difference is that their Insurance co is owned by U-Haul and funded by U-Haul. They pay the benefit out of the general fund, just like an electric bill.

Back in 2004-5, After the State of Tennessee killed Tenncare, which paid for my prescriptions and my wife Deanna's coverage was for health and scripts. Our scripts balloned to over $ 800 per month. I kept getting paperwork for SSDI telling me I qualified for a "ticket to work". I stated that I could work and not affect my benefits, as long as I did not make a "meaningfull wage" over $800 per month. I did not go looking for a job. I was contacted by people I knew at Signal Mtn Police Dept, they needed dispatch/9-1-1 help on weekends. A total of 16 hours.

Knowing what was coming with Tenncare, I took the job. After 3-4 months, The office was closed to save money, dispatch was transfered to Hamilton County 9-1-1. Well, nect I was contacted by the Sequatchie 9-1-1 District. Their office was not yet open and the director needed help getting everything done and ready. Knowing I was supported the SSDI to try, I accepted the job. We got open, and because I was a state certified operator, The director put me on some shifts while going operational.

After a few months, one night night I had a partial onset seizure on duty. I could not anser the radio or phone. I was in a semi concious state. The director cam ena dunlocked the building and I was relieved. They let me go home. I barely remeber the trip. I ran out of the road several times, driving like a drunk. Being I was driving a curvy mountainroad, it is a miracle I made it home. I resigned because of the danger of me trying to dispatch..

About a year later, I got a letter from SSDI. They wanted why I was working.....
I wrote a letter saying pretty much what I said here. They started all this. Anyway, I got a letter back, everything was ok..

I recieved a letter a few weeks ago where U-Haul is transferring management of their disability to Met Life. Nect I recieved a large envelope from Met, and know have to go thru a hoop jumping session with them. I fear that my brief attempt to save our home, which failed, will cause either a temp loss of benefits or they may try to kick me off completely.

I have read the policy over and over. It does not say you cannot try. So, I guess I am at their mercy. Met life has probably been hired to see if they can get rid of the disabled U-Haul is paying. I am sure they are tightening their belts.

So again, this Damn Disease, my intentions of trying to save our home, will hurt me again. U-Haul unofficaly told me one time if you could sell pencils on a street corner, you were not disabled.

Any body want to buy some pencils ?

Thanks, Mitch

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