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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Does No One pay Attention to the Senate Throwing the Seniors and Disabled under the BUS..

I have laid out the information to the best of my ability. The previous post explains everything, What more proof does anyone need to have that the Seniors/Disabled are going to bear the brunt of Budget Cuts.

For those of you who wanted Change, well BY GOD you got it. This is only the Start. President Obama and His Minions have worked their way around everything the American people do NOT WANT. They are making plans to not even have a vote on Healcare Reform (Destruction).

America, your very survival is at stake, Wake up, Tell your Senators and Congressmen to have some guts and act like a Patriot, not mind numbed Zombie that falls on their Sword for the Fearless Leader.

Mitch Thurmer

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