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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drug Stores forced to become a Drug Police

It has been a Busy Day. Having to deal with Truck Payments, Power Bill payments, Gas prices here going up 20 cents overnight, I was not in a good mood when it became time to refill my Medications.

I called my locally owned Pharmacy, whose name I will hold. I spoke with one of his techs and explained I had two new scripts on file that needed to be filled. The medications these are refilling were last filled Jan 28. There are 31 days in Jan, therefore, being today is Feb 24, This was the 27th day, today. Feb 28th is on Sunday, which this local owned store is closed. I was trying to get the meds filled tommorrow, simple as that.

I am going to ride to nashville to the VA Hospital with a friend Friday. Saturday I have a gentleman coming to do some repairs on the house the landlord wants done and Sat afternoon, I am going to a Tea Party, Candidate Debate. As you see, I am disabled but I still have a life, Thursday was the natural day to get the meds filled, I am still the CUSTOMER.

Anyway, The Tech said I couldn't get the new scripts filled until Sat 2/27 or Mon 3/1. 3/1 ? That 32 days I told her. I told her I would get back with her,(Before I blew a gasket).

I stewed over this, trying to figure out what could be causing this problem. Is my hair too long, do I not dress formally enough ( This is Signal Mountain after all), what could it be. Then I called My Medicare Part D Provider, Humana.

I spoke with a delightful young lady named Kim and explained my problem. She gladly pulled up my record and said Thursday would be just fine, they have no problem with that. I asked her if it could be a State of Tennessee Problem. She went away for a couple of minutes and came back, stating the State of Tennessee stated you could get the Meds 7 days early, Uh-Huh..

Now, I called my Doctor's Office, Maybe they have "blackballed" me or something. I spoke with my Doctor's Nurse, a Great young lady named Angie, She said they had not restricted my purchases in anyway. I asked her what now, She went away and came back, saying Dr. A. had said for them to refill the meds tommorrow and if they have a problem, let them call. HUBBA

I am going to the Pharmacy in the morning, with my notes and see what happens. There is only one more answer I can possibly see might be involved, The State Of Tennessee.
A couple of years ago, The STATE established a "Clearing House" for script records, especially for controlled substances, to "Help" Doctors and Pharmacies maintain their records. Yeah Right.

I went to the Board website that controls the Pharmacy and Doctors. Every Script they write is entered into a database. Every Script, any script, can trigger an Audit, where a Pharmacist's life will be turned up side down. They are expected to enforce the laws of the state, always being fearful of their own licenses being pulled.

Life is becoming more and more complicated every day, especially for people like myself on Social Security and Medicare. Prices are going up, scripts are forcing me into the donut hole, which will force me to go to the med companies with my hat in my hand looking for help.

Why can't one simple thing as getting a perscription filled be simplified without Big Brother looking over my shoulder and the shoulders of my Doctor and Pharmacist.
Once you get involved with the Govt, i.e. Medicare, you become a servant to the govt.


Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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