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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank You !, Bill Vick !

In response to Mitch Thurmer..right on target and I couldn`t have said it better. It's too bad anymore when you express your opinion on Obama or his left wing agenda that you are labeled a "teabagger" or a right wing kook or a racist. I am sick and tired of this double standard.

There are some idiots out there that still haven`t had enough of blaming Bush. Anything that Obama does is somehow connected to a mistake that Bush made. Obama is having to clean up Bush`s mistakes. OK, we have heard that quite enough and frankly are growing tired of the same ole same ole all the time.

Yes, November does come every year and when it rolls around this year the libs are going to be a little surprised to see that they have to pack their bags and leave their gravy job.

When will supporters of the left agenda see that they are not in it for you? They claim to be for the small man, for the poor man, for the one with no healthcare.

They haven`t a clue what it takes to make $8 an hour and raise kids.

They think the answer that serves everyone is to take my tax money and hand it over to someone that never even attempts to get a job or go out and try to make an honest living.
How many of those so-called people without any healthcare are the very ones ridin' dirty down the streets with their "sounds", their cell phones and their drugs for sale? How many of those ones I just named are across the country and they never have any intentions of going to work, yet they are included in the 30 million without healthcare.

I`d dare to say that across the country the "gangstas" and the do nothings and the just plain "handout" junkies are primarily the ones that clog up our emergency rooms and cause insurance rates to go up to begin with. Of course, the insurance companies have to raise rates, someone has to pay for all the freebies that the do nothings get all the time. But God forbid if we point them out, huh?

Obama is making a mockery out of this country, making us weaker and incrementally tearing down the bricks that built our Constitution and our moral background.

Dicky, do you even know what TEA party stands for. Well, it means Taxed Enough Already. What about that offends you? If you want to pay more and more taxes, go right ahead. Make a donation to the federal government. As for the majority of Americans that do their job and pay their taxes, we have had enough of being taxed everywhere you turn.

I, for one, want this country to get back to pre-60`s thought. Where you bought a house or a car that you can afford and actually pay for it. You don`t expect the government to come along and bail you out because you can no longer afford it. Thats nonsense and, as for me, I`d feel guilty always having my hand out wanting something that someone else earned.

Bill Vick
Crown Point, Ind.
Hometown: Chattanooga, Tn.

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