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Sunday, August 12, 2012

It Never goes away, "Oh you look so good"...

My brother Jim, is in a Nursing Home in Etowah Tn, which is one of the cleanest, let me rephrase that, THE cleanest NH I have ever seen. More on that later in another post. My last visit, I had the chance to meet the administrator, A very young, energetict young man by the name of Bartlett. I spent about 20 minutes in his office, speaking of Jim's care and his challenges, all of which Bartlett was totally aware of and had a plan of action to fix.. Late in the conversation I mentioned I had MS for a total of 22 years. A look of shock came across his face and he uttered the imfamous worfs, "But, Oh you look so good." I was polite and was determined not o ive him a short primer on MS. I thanked hin and ais "Yes, God has blessed me and I know it. I still have some sever symptoms, especially mental, but I am blessed." His experience as you can imagine with MS patients is the very worse, not someone like me. My opinion of him after spending time with me and the special interest he had in Jim left me going away with a very positive impression of him. He has a difficult job and based on his experience, even though young has him in the perfect place. My years of management and supervising tought me you handle Managers me long ago that everything starts at the top. The absolute spotless enviroment, the happy employees, the happy residents, It all starts at the top. I hope the management who are his supervisors have enough simce to appreciate what they have.\\ Jim continues to improve, they have him walking on the paralell bars, weight traini ng, and most important he goes to Etowah hospital for another swallowing test. Bartlett was with Jim 15 minutes the other day when he choked on a piece of pork with breading. Choked for about 15 minutes and in Barlett's exact words,"Freaked Him Out".. Ford Sanders was supposed to did a swallowing study and claimed he passed it, Bartlett does not beleive it and that is on out side. Every Pray for Jim,,,Thanks, Mitch

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