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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Medicare Advantage, As I see It

Ok, Now there is a huge explosion in the Media regarding Medicare Advantage Plans. The only places that it is not popular is the drive by Media. I signed Deanna and I both up for Humana's Advantage Plan 2 years ago. I liked the fact there was no annual $250 deductible at the first of the year at the Dr's office. The real benefit was when Deanna had to have surgery in Dec 2011. Under the regualar Medicare plan we had been under years past, we would have ended up paying about $3500 in co-pays. Our Copay for her entire surgery ? $100.... Now the Obama admin is hiding the fact under Obamacare, the Advantage plans go belly up starting in fall 2012 and into 2013 and 2014. Most members as I understand it will be thrown back into traditional Medicare. I don't want it. We have our premiums taken out of our checks auto. IT IS NOT FREE< WE PAY FOR IT, Duh! We are happy. Advantage plans have been around for a long time. Obama has targeted it as a Cadillac plan. Well Hell. I did not know I had a Cadillac. Obama is trying to move 8 Billion, yes BILLION Dollars into Medicare to do as an "Experiment" on the Advantage Plans No not an experiment, hide the cuts under Obamacare until after the Election. Slick Willy (BILL CLINTON) has nothing on Joe Cool Obama, Our Young vibrabt President has lived a life of royalty in the White House, Now he needs to go wherever he will retire. Of Course, you realize we will be keeping him and his family up for the rest of their lives. Spread this to all the Disabled folks you know, Obamacare is coming after us. More to Come, Mitch