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Monday, August 10, 2015

How many times Have I WARNED that TERRORISM WAS COMING TO CHATTANOOGA, WELL It has arrived 7/16

                 I am Sorry that I have neglected my writing to my blog. Facebook lures a writer away because everybody is waiting, and you can look on the right hand side and know who will see it right then.

Blogs are long term writing. The readers have to "come across you" or you have to announce like on Facebook that I will be writing further on Blogs and encourage the reader to go  there.

I have neflected many subjects from my Blog, whil
There have been multiple issues that have came up since some of my earlier posts. The problems you expect have fell to the wayside. I am going to take some of the issues and problems each by each and in order of importance.

1. The Terrorist Attacks in Chattanooga. 7/16/15. It is almost impossible to deter a Lone Wolf, But, Of the Check in Gate at the Naval Reserve Center, An Armed Guard, and I am not talking about a side arm, a full M-4 full Automatic rifle would have stopped the entire attack. As soon as it was obvious he was seen charming the Gate, he Security, issued a M-4 could have opened fire on the Mustang and the Threat would have been Eliminated.

As for the Strip Mall on Lee Hwy, Officers could have the M-4s on hand, somewhat secured but could have opened fire and neutralize the Threat. 5 lives would have been saved with a simple armed Guard with 60 rounds available.

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