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Friday, July 18, 2008

Ask your Drug Manufacturer for Help !

I feel it a duty to spread the word. Many of MS patients are on alot of expensive medications. Most of us are also on Medicare Part D. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful to have Medicare D. When the illustrious Governor of the State of Tennessee killed Tenncare back in 2005-06, all of us were left to fend for ourselves. Not including Beatseron, our monthly meds were running about $800. We had to sell our house, move away 150 miles to stay in a house owned by my stepmother. When Medicare D came along, it was a godsend. The only catch is, if you have a serious illness, it is easy to hit the "donut hole" by mid year. I took it upon myself and contacted the drug manufacturers, all but Eli Lilly, stepped right up and have helped beyond belief. My wife and I are both on Lyrica, a relatively new med by Pfizer. They were excellent. I have to take the med for Neuropathic pain, which it stopped. My wife takes it for Fibromyalgia. It has turned the clock for her 25 years. I guess what I am getting at, don't be afraid to ask. By researching the manufacturers on the internet, calling them, and explaining the situation, they were great. Yes, it can be daunting, and up front, sometimes they will say if you have insurance they can't help, but after you explain the entire situation and that you are for all purposes uninsured, They are VERY caring.
Don't sit back in despair, America's drug companies will help us

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Jaime said...

Hi Mitch!
Welcome to the blogging world. It is great that you did this post as medication help is such an important need for those of us with MS (or any other major medical problem for that matter). I have added you to my blogroll. Take care!