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Friday, January 9, 2009

Reclaiming my Gun !

Well, Finally, after over 2 years, I was allowed to "have" my gun back from the Maryville Police Department. As I have told before, it was held after my wife was wrongfully charged with D.U.I. while taking her prescription medication in Maryville. The Officer opened the console and "OH MY GOD, THERE'S A GUN........". He told her he could have shot her between the eyes,
Anyway, we waited a year after the case was dismissed, as not to anger the sleeping dog and have her dragged thru the courts again with a "GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION'.
I went to Maryville Monday and went to Police department. Sugar would not melt in their mouths. Everthing was there, even the "BLACK TALON" bullets, which I thought I would never see again. I think Officer "FIFE" probably did not know what they looked like...
Justice has been served and never forget over $2500 in legal fees.
The next step is her record will be expunged. That would be an additional $450 except for the fact the case was dismissed.
The long lasting effect this will have on Deanna and I is something you cannot put a value on. I urge all who read this, anywhere. Know your law. Depending on the state, if you take Benadryl, that can be a DUI offense, if they can prove it affects the Central Nervous System.
M.S. paitents such as myself, will never pass a field sobriety test, period.
I cannot stress all of this enough. Even the Tennessee Highway Patrol still has T.V. spots, saying Booze it and Lose it. No one has touched on the D.U.I. by medications period.
I was told by some official, don't remember which one, too many, that it was our job to know the law, not there's to tell us, so there you go.
Have a good weekend, be carefull out there...MT

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