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Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Ides of March, thousands of years later.

The Ides of March was the reported date of Julius Ceasar's demise at the hands of his legislature. Now, there appears to be an upcoming mini revolution within our government. Alright now, before all of you forward this to the Secret Service, I am not speaking of any violence within the government or anywhere else for that matter.
In some corners, the group Obamagasm that has gripped the drive-by Media and the American public in general seems to be fading. One of the statements that surfaced which tells alot was made by WH Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, " Never let a Crisis go to waste". The Media blitz, which created a Crisis mode, helped the White House to push the spending bills. It was designed to pass projects and laws that the liberals had wanted for years.
I am a Smoker. My wife is a Smoker. There, I said it. It is Politically Incorrect, Socially unacceptable. The Stimulus pkg has a $ 6.27 per carton tax that has just went into effect. For some reason, our friendly local neighborhood East Indian purveyor of Tobacco products went up $ 10.00. He told me he did not really know how much things were really going up, so he just pulled a number out of the air. But, whatever effected his judgement, must be contagious, every one has done the same. The bottom line is we are stopping. It is going to be really bad. This is change we can believe in, for real.
What other changes are waiting. We are on Social Security, Medicare, Medicare D for Med. I have this feeling, that besides the poor souls who make $ 250,000 +, my economic group, totally dependent on the govt, has had it.
I heard Glen Beck speaking of organizing the public in some sort of group. We are in the same boat. We suffer, see our incomes being sucked away. I saw today, the Congress is getting Damned raises. Damn these people.
Everything is out of control. The inmates are in charge of the Asylum.
I know I am worked up, and probably, no one will read this. But it does feel good to vent.
Another thing, the Govt, in their bank bailout wisdom, gave billions to Citigroup. The news surfaced today that Citigroup invested money in Dubai. Dubai ! What have these people got to do with some poor bastard trying to keep his home out of foreclosure?
All these funds have been handed out with no guidelines. I gaurantee if I had been given $ 1,000., someone would have stood on my head and told me what to do with it.
Someone on Fox suggested the other day each AMERICAN family be given 1 Million Dollars instead of all this other madness. That would have worked, houses would be bought, cars, clothes. Hell, I haven't had a new pair of Jeans in three years.
Well, I have got to stop. Time to do my Dr. House thing. I watch that show alot. I really can identify with him.
One last thing, Obama today in his daily appearance brought up the civilian defense force again. That my friends will be the new era brown shirts. Your neighbor, if he hears you in the backyard cussing the pine tree about Obama, will report you and they will carry you away in the middle of the night for a attitude adjustment, indoctrination.
Good Luck and Good Day, MT

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