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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus ? A Storm is coming

As I sit here, We are under a Tornado Watch here in East Tennessee. I went outside, Took down the American Flag so it doesn't get blown away. I couldn't help but notice, Spring is on the way, the Daffodils are breaking thru the ground.
But I am watching the horizon for a different type of storm. The stimulus package has hidden provisions nobody is talking about. There has been a board established to determine "Medical Needs" of those of us on Medicare and other government funded healthcare giants. If, they determine that due to your overall health (i.e. MS) the investment of a knee replacement does not meet the rules nased on youe expected life length and such, you don't get it, period.

One of Obama's picks on his cabinet, after all the Tax problems the others had, is Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen for Health and Human Services. This man has taken health care away from thousands in Tennessee when he killed Tenncare. Tenncare was designed for the uninsurable, which I am. When he decided he was killing the program, people in wheelchairs went to the State Capital to protest. Instead of meeting with them, They were carried down the steps by Tennesee State Troopers. PLace this man in charge of HHS and the same tactics he used here will be nationwide. He has no compassion, just his own political ambitions.
He was re-elected after the Tenncare Massacare by a public who looked at Tenncare Receps as Lazy slobs, who got free everything. Let me tell you now, I paid up to $365 per month for their coverage. He was re-elected by the haves, in a class warfare election.

But, through his generosity, after wiping us all out, when Katrina refugees arrived in Tennessee, they got emergency Tenncare. Why, bcause they might stay here and become loyal democrat voters.

The current financial situation makes Social Sec Disability Recips such as myself scared to death. Who would be an easy target to elimante and cut benefits on a federal level, us. We can't afford lawyers, we have very little voice.

Be afraid, Be very afraid, Someone may already have us in the crosshairs.

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