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Monday, October 5, 2015

The World on Fire, even in Tennessee.

       Even though our President did not consider The  massacre in Oregon a Terror attack, or an attack on Christians. It was. The Shooter telling Christians they were going to see God in 1 second made it clear as crystal, at least to me.

It says in the Bible, that a time will come when Christians will be persecuted for their faith, even to Death. It takes Bravery and Faith when the Shooter has just killed a Christian to stand up and profess their belief, knowing well what was coming. The Shooter took his own life and I have faith he is simmering in Hell, even though he stated he thought the Devil would embrace him, yeah I bet he did.

It is easy to tell somebody to go to Hell, but I am happy to say he is there. I haven't even mentioned his name.

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