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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go Walking !

Well, After last month's visit to the Doctor, I realized I must lose weight. I can't run, it kills me. So I started walking at the old middle school track. 4 laps make 1 mile. I started at 1 mile and increased it by 1/4 mile a day up to 1.5 miles. It only takes 30 minutes and is amazing. I feel more energized after I finish. I always carry my cane and a water bottle. I walk at a fast pace and don't over do it. I stepped on the scales at the pharmacy earlier today and have lost 16 pounds this month. I can tell that the walking is whats doing it, plus I am eating like a normal person. That's why I am posting this entry. Even with MS, if you can get out and excercise, it will make a difference. I am not expecting a miracle and I know there will be days when I simply can't do it.
I will be 52 this month and I must start living a healthier life. Next major goal, stop smoking these stupid, expensive, cigarettes. I have tried stopping 3 or more times, it is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. But I hope this is where the walking comes in also. After walking, I really don't want them. Maybe it's in my mind or it really has a medical basis.
Anyway, it's time to go walk NOW.
Have a good day, MT

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