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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday after a Tennessee Football Loss....

You know, life is stressful. Money, Gas Prices, The upcoming election, Co-Pays, the list can go on forever. As an avid Tennessee Football Fan, I settled in last night to relax and enjoy a great season opener with UT vs UCLA. Honestly, I thought it would be a rout, I have been spoiled by UT having their bright moments.
As many of you know, MS is stress sensitive. My evening of enjoyment turned into a recliner arm gripping session. Several times I had to force myself to relax my neck muscles, not realizing I was scowling at the TV.
After the blood letting was over, I went to bed, period. My wife Deanna asked, "How much did they win by?", meaning UT. I grunted that they lost and she jumps straight up in the bed and wanted a blow by blow explanation. I relived it again.
The bottom line is, I have to learn, even after all these years, to relax. All of you, do not fall into the trap I did. I guess I should have listened on the radio, but the pictures in my head would have been worse.
Maybe I can find a calming program on a shopping network today, yeah right.................

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