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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Go Walking !

Well, After last month's visit to the Doctor, I realized I must lose weight. I can't run, it kills me. So I started walking at the old middle school track. 4 laps make 1 mile. I started at 1 mile and increased it by 1/4 mile a day up to 1.5 miles. It only takes 30 minutes and is amazing. I feel more energized after I finish. I always carry my cane and a water bottle. I walk at a fast pace and don't over do it. I stepped on the scales at the pharmacy earlier today and have lost 16 pounds this month. I can tell that the walking is whats doing it, plus I am eating like a normal person. That's why I am posting this entry. Even with MS, if you can get out and excercise, it will make a difference. I am not expecting a miracle and I know there will be days when I simply can't do it.
I will be 52 this month and I must start living a healthier life. Next major goal, stop smoking these stupid, expensive, cigarettes. I have tried stopping 3 or more times, it is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. But I hope this is where the walking comes in also. After walking, I really don't want them. Maybe it's in my mind or it really has a medical basis.
Anyway, it's time to go walk NOW.
Have a good day, MT

Friday, September 12, 2008

Gas Prices are killing the SSDI recepients

Yesterday afternoon, I picked up the news that wholesale Gasoline prices were going to jump up to $1.50 per gallon. I immediately rushed out and filled up my pickup and when my wife returned home I did hers as well. In the 3 hours between, absolute panic had ensued. Cars were driving 75 miles per hour, racing to the gas stations. Cars were six deep at each pump here on our mountain. The local news, ignored the news, not giving the public forewarning as to what we coming. I sent an email to all three local stations, blasting them for their ignoring the "breaking news". I did receive a response from one of the stations, stating they did not want to cause panic. Newsflash, the lack of more information caused more panic. There were fights in Chattanooga and here on Signal Mountain in the lines.
My father was an Exxon Distributor, starting in 1956, the year I was born. I grew up in the gas/oil business, I know how this crap works. I remember putting last car magnets on vehicles in the middle of long lines and being threatened. I remember cars slamming into each other because they did not move fast enough.
All of us have got to write our congressmen and Senators. Their approval rating is deserved, but they must increase our cost of living this year, largely. My local electric utility is putting a 20% increase in October, Water co, 20%, Groceries in some cases 30%, and the list goes on and on.
We must as a group jump all over these people, another 2.3% raise is an insult and almost makes a person if they intend to eliminate us, slowly. And if you are fortunate to have a good day, and take their advise to use the ticket to work, like I did before we lost our house, you will receive a letter wanting to know why you are working ! I had to quit the part time 9-1-1 operator job I had taken when I had an attack by myself in a locked secured dispatch center. It took 1 hour for them to get in.
Lets act, we are running out of time.....MT

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kind of a BAD mood

Sometimes you have to vent. I wish our blogs were nationally syndicated. I have a comment to make about the MS publication we currently receive. I have always felt that the best way to communicate any issue is tell it like it is. For instance, living in Chattanooga Tenn area, the 3 local TV stations only tell warm and fuzzy news. You have to dig in other sources to find out how many cuttings, shootings, and other urban activities occur. The tourist trade is very important to the area, because all the high paying industrial jobs are gone. Thats my point.
Publications dealing with MS need to focus on the real issues. Pain, depression, insurance and medical care issues. Don't present these in a flowery format. This is serious stuff. Too many MS patients don't know about resources, such as pharmacutical companies helping out when you hit the donut hole. They just suffer on, their quality of life going downhill because of not being educated. Knowing I was going into the hole by July this year, I began researching, calling, writing, all the companies in April. I am pleased to announce every single company except Eli Lilly had a program ready to assist us all. MS publications must be more to the point, clearly discuss issues so important to us all. I am happy for the featured MS victims who have done well, very happy for them. But for each of those, are there thousands who are suffering needlessly.
I guess I have fussed enough.
I hope Autumn is getting close, the Heat intolerance has really worked me over this year.Also I wanted clear another misconception. I have had pain as major symptom of my MS for years. Doctors, under the watchfull eye of government is scared to death to write strong pain meds. Well, luckily, I have one whi doesn't follow in lockstep with the others. After being on Hydrocodone for years, He placed me on Oxycontin 40 MG Er. I was of scared that horns would grow my head and I would wonder the streets looking for another fix. Not True
When taken as directed, swallowed whole, not gound up, snorted, etc, The medication has done very well. As I write this, I took my morning dose about 2 hours ago. I am not high, loopy, or stoned. I can drive fine. Even though in the Peoples Republic of Tennesse, by the law I am DUI.
This is where we need help in legislation. Are people on pain meds, who are not impaired, to be hermits?
Tennessee shows ads on all the time, Booze it and Lose it, Don't drink in drive, but keep the secret that if you open your mouth and say you are on meds, or even worse, have them with you, go directly to jail. Then you will be picking up garbage on the side of the road for 48 hours, I don't know how work a cane. If you fell into traffic, who would be liable?
Anyway thats whole another issue. I have already told the story about my wife Deanna going to jail. A 55 year old, grandmother of 6, a true danger to society. I tell you now, the infirm, sick, Boomers, have a target on our backs as we get older.
I gotta get off, I could write on this all day.
Good luck to you all, be carefull out there.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday after a Tennessee Football Loss....

You know, life is stressful. Money, Gas Prices, The upcoming election, Co-Pays, the list can go on forever. As an avid Tennessee Football Fan, I settled in last night to relax and enjoy a great season opener with UT vs UCLA. Honestly, I thought it would be a rout, I have been spoiled by UT having their bright moments.
As many of you know, MS is stress sensitive. My evening of enjoyment turned into a recliner arm gripping session. Several times I had to force myself to relax my neck muscles, not realizing I was scowling at the TV.
After the blood letting was over, I went to bed, period. My wife Deanna asked, "How much did they win by?", meaning UT. I grunted that they lost and she jumps straight up in the bed and wanted a blow by blow explanation. I relived it again.
The bottom line is, I have to learn, even after all these years, to relax. All of you, do not fall into the trap I did. I guess I should have listened on the radio, but the pictures in my head would have been worse.
Maybe I can find a calming program on a shopping network today, yeah right.................