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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And Another Thing

Don't you just tired of people trying you what to do all the time

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Cost of Food is going up, Barry !

Well, I just returned from a dreaded trip to the grocery store. I think Mayonaise is made from crude oil. $ 5.69 for Hellmans. Everything is going up, let me make you a short list.

1. Corn Up 100% = this year so far. There goes the Cornbread. SIlos are reported to have the least backup inventory , ever.

2. Sugar, same price, just 3 lbs for the same price as 5, that is what 60%

3. Beef, Forget

4. Pork, used to be reasonable, not now.Organic Bacon, $ 8.99 lb, what the Hell ia an organic Pig, they are a Pig.

5. Obama wants to add a $ 1.00 per gallon tax thru EPA.

6. Any Cereal, All Grains, straight up.

7. Let's not even mention gas.

8. Cooking Oil, Granola Oil. Last year 1 QT was $ 1.29, now $ 3.99

9. Ice Cream, same price but if you hold the carton sideways, 2 inches thick, a Trick

10. Deodorant, Don't know why, regular can Arrid Extra Dry was $ 1.69, now $ 4
I guess we will be like the French, take 1 bath a week.

This was a true professional study, just a mad shopper ..


The MS HUG is not out of affection

After I went to my Dr to determine what was the source of the pain/snapping/rubber band stretching/weird stuff going on in my left flank, I really did not get help.

He sent me to get a CT of my Kidney to make sure I did not have a stone. Well, Of course, no stone. The tech at the CT said I was free to go. I drive back to the DR's office and see my nurse at the counter. Then I asked, what now, I need something for breakthru pain. She goes back to the Dr and he offers a script of Mobic, a sronger version of alleve.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. Why will people not listen. Alleve is like an M&M. It is not my fault that my Neuro started me on Narcotics 21 years ago. I take Oxycodone 40 mg ext every 12 hours. Quite frankly, it is not that great. I am not a raving drug fiend searching for my next fix. I take it as directed. I am not DUI, I am not Public Drunk, I am not even high. I have read in several MS blogs from other patients, their dr's give them meds for break thru.

The only explanation must be he is so scared of the TBI which monitors drug scripts out of Nashville. He is scared of an audit, investigation or something. If I as a Dr has been following the "LAW" as required, I would not fear an audit..

I feel as though I am paying the price in pain because of his fear of these people. This is not how it is supposed to be. The Patient comes first, period. If you can provide relief even to a MS patient, which he said he could not make pain free, maybe he needs to re-evaluate his desire to be a Dr.

I am the patient, in need. I beleive he took an oath to help me, Government be Da----.

That will do for now, More to come.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something New kicking my Butt, Illness

For the past couple of weeks, I started noticing a weird feeling in my lower left side. At first it has came and went, with no real pattern. It has gotten worse over time and know has developed into a steady gnawing in my lower left side and back.

My father had kidney stones and later had to have his right kidney removed. The reason was "Kidney Disease". I was very young at the time and don't remember much about it. I do remember that dad had a scar from navel to backbone, he was cut in half.

I have read up on what this might be and first thing in morning I am calling the doctor to get it, asap. It might be a stone, or even worse some type of infection, don't know. The water pills I take for retention also can cause stones.

Wish me luck, I don't need another problem with MS riding on my shoulders.

Here we go < Mitch