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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have held back as long as I can, the Pressure valve is bursting.

I know some of you disapprove of me quoting Rush limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Other. Rush, Has renamed President Barack hussein Obama as Presiden Kardashian. He has as usual, hit it on the head. Obama is a showman, a celebrity, a person so in Love with them selves that he feels his mere presence is a blessing on the Lemmings below him. His Minions walk in lockstep. For Example, His attempt to gather hispanic votes by allowing a "path to citizenship" to a young hispanic who meets this or that requirement. Let me entertain you with some news coverage of this Emperor without clothes. Rush Limbaugh, asserting that President Barack Obama spends too much time courting celebrities for campaign cash and endorsements during times of financial hardship for average Americans, referred to him as "Barack Kardashian." The White House responded in kind. "Two words: Donald Trump. Next question," said Obama's press secretary, Jay Carney, when asked about Limbaugh's most recent ridicule of his boss. Trump, an outspoken supporter of Mitt Romney, has become a foil for Obama since he started fueling "birther" claims that Obama was born overseas. Carney's comments aboard Air Force One came as Obama jetted to California for a set of fundraisers, one at the home of Glee creator Ryan Murphy. Obama's re-election bid has also harnessed the power of celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney and Jon Bon Jovi, among many others. On Tuesday, Limbaugh hammered Obama's celebrity connections, highlighting his 2012 campaign's latest ad, starring Vogue editor Anna Wintour: "It's an indication once again how out of touch they really are, how distanced they have become from the people who make this country work." "It's an indication of what they think the strong drawing power of the presidency is. I'll tell you that's what's becoming. He's Barack Kardashian." "He is becoming the male Kim Kardashian with this stuff," Limbaugh said. SIDE NOTE: Obama has said that he doesn't let his daughters watch the Kardashians, and also famously called Kanye West a jackass. Just saying. SIDE NOTE #2: Kim's management team has yet to fire off a vapid Tweet about this, followed by a plug for some lame product. But give it an hour. Asked if the president might be sending the wrong message, Carney said Obama's millions of mostly unknown small donors reflect his true nature. "The difference between President Obama's support, financial support, and his opponent's is stark, but not in the way that you describe," he said. "The fundamental difference is President Obama has vast numbers of small donors who support him. That is not the case for the Republican nominee." "The fact that the president enjoys that kind of support speaks to what his policy priorities are. He's out there fighting for the middle class." "The bedrock foundation of his support are millions of Americans who believe in his vision for this country's future and believe that he has their back." As for whether Obama is actually a fan of Murphy and Glee, Carney deferred. "I don't know the answer to your question," he said, unamused. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote? ANOTHER GOODIE< Indulge me PLEASE ! So many celebrities for President Barack Obama to visit ... and so little time between now and Election Day. So the Obama campaign wants you to help the Commander-in-Chief decide which lucky star will rub elbows with him, according to The Hollywood Reporter: Hard on the heels of the wildly successful online lotteries that allowed ordinary Obama backers to win the opportunity to dine with the chief executive and George Clooney at his Laurel Canyon pad or Sarah Jessica Parker and Vogue’s Anna Wintour at the actress’ Manhattan home, the fundraisers have added a new twist to the “Dinner With Barack” series. This time around, a suggested donation of $3 not only gives you a chance to bring a guest of your choice to dinner with Obama, but also the opportunity to “weigh in on who you think should join President Obama.” (The date and place for the dinner have yet to be determined.) It remains to be seen how the voting public will take to this latest fundraising gambit by the administration. The jobs outlook isn't getting any rosier, and even left-leaning media watcher Howard Kurtz suspects this message is the wrong one to send to undecided voters. "It certainly helps him raise money … I think there’s too much emphasis on it. You only get to drive one message during the static that surrounds the presidential campaign. If that message is about Sarah Jessica Parker and George Clooney, then he's not talking about how he’s going to fix the economy, which of course is probably the main issue." And Last but not least Obama made his second appearance on The View today, a fairly unorthodox forum in which a sitting president can be challenged, and unorthodox challenges he met: questions about how he really felt about Vice President Joe Biden, how he could improve the economy more than Mitt Romney, and which Kardashian is the one with the recent divorce. Indicative of the atmosphere? An exchange in the second segment where Barbara Walters noted, “this is the first time we have all sat down and spoken without crosstalk,” to which the President remarked it made him a bit ill at ease: “you’re all so well-behaved!” RELATED: The View Panel Tussles Over The Question: ‘Is Obama Too Cool?’ “I like hanging out with women,” the President said with a smile, before going into a discussion on his stance on gay marriage. Joy Behar brought up the rumor that it was possible the President would announce his support on the program, which he confirmed was “a possibility.” He also noted that he was “okay” with the Vice President jumping the gun on the official White House stance because “it came out of a generosity of spirit.” “I’m never going to blame anyone for telling what they believe,” he reiterated, adding a stance he had previously been public about– thinking the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional and being in favor of civil unions, but adding that “meeting people, friends, family, in wonderful relationships, who tell me words matter” helped change his position on marriage. Still, he noted that it was “important for us to make sure that churches and religious institutions are respected” in the way they govern. Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked the President to distinguish his stance with Romney’s, since the latter had also supported civil unions. The distinction for the President was clear: “Romney wants a constitutional amendment.” The President also got to speak about his family for some time– as Sherri Shepherd wondered whether, after his impromptu Al Green performance at the Apollo, “were Malia and Sasha embarrassed or are you their ringtone?” “You’re just the right amount of embarrassing,” the President quoted his eldest as saying. In a different segment, he also spoke about the economy and banking regulation, and gave his opinion on the JP Morgan investigation. After a pop culture quiz in which the President admitted to knowing which Kardashian recently got divorced (“because he was a baller,” he says of Kris Humphries to excuse himself) and claimed not to know the book Fifty Shades of Grey (“I’ll ask Michelle what’s going on when I get home), the President spoke about basketball for some time and explained the rules in the house for the two girls– no cell phones, TV, or internet on weekdays save for school, and no Facebook. As all The View episodes should end, this one concluded with Barbara Walters confessing to taking some White House napkins once in a while, to which the President jokingly replied he had the Secret Service on her. The President’s discussion on same-sex marriage, followed by the family talk and pop culture quiz, in two clips via ABC below: I have now removed some of my feelings, I promise much more to come.......Mitch

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