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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying to Stay on topic

When you write a blog, the general impression is that you should devote your writing to a basic issue or condition. I have based my writings on the experiences of being disabled with Multiple Sclerosis. I have received emails saying I am getting off topic because I cover Politics, Life issues, Health care problems, and pretty much anything else that crosses my mind. The point is, everything I write is related to MS, everything.

MS drives my daily life, my contempt for waste in Government. I see a future which is going to be a daily struggle, much worse than it is now. I have written before about the titles you have to assume just to manage your life when you are dependent on the government for your very exsistence.

The Health Care issue is a disaster in the making. I won't cover it again, everyone knows the facts and what the Obama administration wants and desires. Americans are finally waking up, speaking out, and letting Washington know we are here.

I know, I am just a lone voice, speaking to probably just a few. I have tried to get my Blog expanded to a larger audience, but really haven't been sucessfull. Maybe one day, I will get noticed, discovered, whatever. I am a frequent contributor to and have received both positive and negative responses. I fully expect critics when I attack the establishment. It is a very good feeling when you write from your heart regarding your country and you get personal emails agreeing and supporting your views.

MS has given me the time, the frustration and experiences to fine tune my mind. I am very observant, paying attention to all the news and yes, connecting the dots. If you could find a white board big enough, you can chart out the Obamamites. It is very scary when you see the connections. This has all been a long time coming, planed and replaned.

I know the Country is in peril. Yes, I am off topic of MS, but really, I am RIGHT ON TARGET

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Brother is watching and taking your money !

My wife and I have shopped in Red Bank Off and on for years. I remember when Shoney's was there and that breakfast bar hasn't helped my fiqure. You could go to the old Cancun and get a great Mexican meal. I wondered the Isles of the appliance store at the corner of Ashland Terrace and Dayton Blvd several times, picking up repair parts or window shopping for a new range. I really liked their sidewalk and tent sales, but they weren't approved by the City.
See the connection. The three examlpes I gave off the top of my head are gone. But a new attraction has taken hold with a very different effect, Traffic Light ENFORCEMENT Cameras.
On Aug 12, 2009, My wife, Deanna, was traveling north on Dayton Blvd to the intersection where the Camera is installed at Signal Mountain Road. You know, the one where the great Hamburger Resturant used to be. She was in a line of perhaps five cars in the turn lane. It was warm day, Deanna was tired and played follow the leader thru the light. Yes, she did run the light. The car in front of her ran the light. The car in front of him ran the 3 second yellow, and the green Dodge pickup in front of her was in the intersection on a yellow arrow. I am not disputing the fact that yes, she was in the intersection when the red light had came on. Here's my problem.
We recieved her "citation"/Bill on or about 8/30 or so. It had been reviewed by an offiicer and signed by him. Thats the Police Officer job I want, staying in the cool office, drinking coffee, going to lunch at a regular time, and after my day is done, leave at a regular hour and play with the kids momma. Most Police Officers don't have this kinda job but who knows, maybe more in the future.
I studied the ticket, went online and saw the offense in Living color, steaming video on my computer at a website provided on the citation/bill. Next I did something different. Armed with my camcorder, I went to Red Bank. Beginning with Traffic Light 1, I studied and Taped each light. I recorded duration times, observed traffic patterens and spent almost 3 hours, even about 30 minutes across from the Police Department studying their light. All day no one asked me what are you doing, why are you taping, are you a terrorist with a beard, nothing. But that's another story.
My study after I came home and prepared it on computer yielded very little results, except one. Turn Arrow yellows are set at three seconds. This setting has been critized nationwide by a group headed by from Senator Dick Armey. They contend that the 3 second yellow creates a point of no return, where if you go, you get a ticket, if you stop, you risk a rear end collison, which has been documented,
You can do a Google search on Red Light Cameras and get a boatload of info.
I think I also found in my research the real reason for this, as in all things, Money. The City of Gallatin Tn put in Red Light Cameras. Their annual revenue from violations at lights and such was around $ 100 K. Well, after the installation in an effort to reduce injuries, in the public interest, their income last year was over $ 1,000,000, yeah 1 Million Dollars. But remember, it is for your own good, never to pad the coffers of city government. .
I examined one of the agreements that the companies have with these cities. It was on a sliding scale. The first year, the co gets say 62%, the next 58%, the next 52, you get the picture, and that from each citation/bill. And since these citation/bills don't go on your driving record, most people just go ahead and pay it.
If everyone benefited from this enforcement i.e. no one runs lights anymore, the company would go broke. They know this is not to happen. Can anyone believe Gallatin wants everyone to obey the law, I'll bet you a $ 1,000,000 not.
Some states have ruled these systems unconstitutional, since you can't question a camera. Like I said in my opening, I can not find a real valid reason to go to Red Bank anymore. I can find everything they have somewhere else, even Darr's Shooting Supplies is gone, ( oops, I own a gun ).
Redbankistan citizens will have to endure. But remember, those good looking Dodge Charger Patrol Cars had to be bought with something. I have talked to several people who have gotten these tickets, they did not object, go to court, anything, they just Obeyed. They thought it was great it wasn't going on their DL record, it's only $ 50.00
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Friday, September 18, 2009

Miss Michelle's Excellent Shopping Trip

We are living in a time like no other. Thursday afternoon, First Lady Michelle Obama decided that she need some special kale for a recipe.
This is The New York Times description of the event.
Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament Thursday afternoon:
The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station. They swept the area, in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs, with bomb-sniffing dogs and installed magnetometers in the middle of the street, put up barricades to keep pedestrians out, and took positions with binoculars atop trucks. Though the produce stand was only a block or so from the White House, the first lady hopped into her armored limousine and pulled into the market amid the wail of sirens.
Ok, here's the deal. Before anyone starts screaming, this is a little much. I would love to see an expense report on what this outing about one block away from the White House cost. Why couldn't she have sent a staffer to pick up what she wanted and the have the staffer send her a picture and or oral decription of the Kale. The citizens of this country are going thru very hard times, DUH ! This is not going to sit well with the general puiblic. When the President says we need to give, share, accept hard times his message is overrode by such Royal behavior.
Mitchell Thurmer

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Managing Your time with Multiple Sclerosis

Ever Since May 1990, when I was diagnosed with MS, I have been an Office Manager, Records Supervisor, Resource Manager, Pharma Contact, and Disability Advocate.

MS will do one of two things, either you become the things I have listed above or you simply follow the instructions of others. When diagnosed I decided I was first going to learn everything I could about the disease. After I felt like I had a handle on the problem, I moved on to how to best manage my situation.

After my inability to work 60 hours a week as required being a U-Haul salaried employee became apparent, I was forced to go on short term U-Haul Disability. Six Months later, I was told to file on Social Security for Long Term Disability. Ok, I did as told. Low and behold, I am accepted after the first filing. I was confused the next month when a check appears in my mailbox. I even called Social Security and asked them why I had the check. Little did I know what accepting the check would mean.

Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled to have been accepted so quickly, thanks to the great record keeping of my Neurologist. Then everything began. First U-Haul said I had been overpaid 1 month and held my benefits until the months paid back them. Thats was the moment I realized that I had to become all the things listed above.

I have to fill out paperwork every year for U-Haul to make sure I still have MS. The Doctors, much to their dismay, have to fill out their portion and mail it to the Disability Section. Now, I have to ask them to make me a copy for my files. If they don't return it in time and or word it correctly, No check at the end of the month.

I have maintained records on Social Security, Medicare, U-Haul, Met Life, Tenncare, and Pharma Companies. When Medicare D was passed, I was thankful, and still am. But, there's always a But. If you take alot of Meds or if 1 is really expensive, You will Hit the imfamous "DONUT HOLE" about mid year. Then you have no coverage for your meds, until You have spent $ 4500 out of your pocket. Well, I never have spent the $ 4500. What I had to do was contact the manufacturers of every medication I take and ask if they had a Patient Assistance Program.

I have found that Pharma Companies are really great. All but one, Eli Lilly, were more than happy to help. Some required a small payment, other, no charge at all. My Doctor even now as advised me that Eli Lilly has came up with a PAP for the Donut Hole as well. I keep detailed records on all my Med contacts, when the program has to be renewed, etc.

What I fear now, If Obamacare should come to pass, can the Pharma Companies afford to heep us ? Will they be penalized, controlled in what they can do ? Will they be fined because it is "unfair" to help us when our Medicare D is tapped out ?

I am sure whatever happens, the Medicare patients are going to suffer more cuts. I know that my record keeping is about to double, from every arm of the Gov't I deal with.

My advice to anyone who reads this. Keep very good records. I don't know what job you performed before you were met with MS or any other Disease, but you now have all the titles above.

Good Luck and Good Day !

Mitch Thurmer

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jus a little of Everything on 9/11/09

I waited with anticipation on President Obama's speech regarding Health Care.
It was just another Campaign Speech, rewound and reworked.
Congressman Joe Wilson was the most informative speaker of the night, no frills, no spin, just the truth. That man deserves a Medal of Freedom for standing up to the unapproachable Emperor. Americans have been trying to stand up to this man since the Tea Parties and Town Halls began. The entire administration acts as though we just don't exsist, or we are crazy. My other posts have resulted in some pretty strong kickbacks, insults, and wanting to know what planet I am from. Well, Third Rock from the Sun and the Greatest Nation on that Rock, The United States of America.
The last count I had was Obama had held 119 addresses to anyone who will listen to him since his Crowning. He must enjoy the sound of his own voice. If anyone ever puts a speaker with a replay button under his Offical Portrait that plays some of his speeches, I hope it comes with a recliner because the listener will be there a while.
On Monday, he will make an address on Wall Street, probably to take credit for the so called improvement in our economy. I was in Nashville today and happened to pick up a newspaper. The were 17 pages, solid, of Legal Notices regarding home foreclosure. I don't think we have turned the corner yet. On the way out, I saw closed businesses, empty car dealerships, boarded up windows, How's that change working out for Nashville now.
On this Anniversary of The Worst Attack on American soil, we must remember that the Terrorist and those who hate us in general do not want to make nice. They understand one thing, the blast of a 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, when a US Marine takes out another Taliban, Alqueda, or whatever the next islamic nut on the Menu is. That they understand.
And one last thing before I go, I had predicted that during the Obama Speech to the cxhildren, a Healthcare question would come from the mouth of a child and it happened. I was called crazy for that one too. I did not have to look into a crystal ball to figure that one out, just look back at how these people operate, it should be obvious to everyone.
Also, Congrats, To SMMHS and Thrasher Elementary for not broadcasting the indoctrination to children special. I can't find out what other HCDE schools stood up but, good job for those that did.
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain
Joe, Congrats on TEN YEARS of doing this vital mission. I know their is a lot of work involved. Thank You for giving just us plain folk, a place to have our voices heard, much to the dismay of those who would rather everything come from the Left.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Obama to put the Kids to work selling Obamacare...

Next Tuesday, September 8, President is going to have a Nationwide "News Confrence" broadcast on C-Span and Thw White House website. The stated of purpose is to encourage children to stay in school and do well. I believe, as in previous "town-hall" type meetings, he will have a child planted, who with tears in his eyes, will say " Mommy and Daddy can't take me to the Doctor and I have been sick, they have no money or insurance, please help me Mr. president".
That will open the door for Obama to tell the children of this Nation if only all these mean spirited protesters would support him, that he knows best how to help this child. The White House has already sent out information to each State's Governor, explaining his veiled purpose. They in turn have sent out information to each school district, who can participate or decide not to.
Now, let's get to the root of everything, Money. After this educational broadcast, lets say each state reports to the White House which districts supported the President and showed his info, or opted out. When it comes time to hand out the stimulus money for a school, don't anyone realize if you did not support his "tv special", your request will probably go to the bottom of the pile of requests. I assure you someone in the White House is tracking all this and making a list and checking it twice.
I am sure out there in Internet land there are people skilled in subliminal messages. I hope the watch this over and over and look for long lasting statements that will stay in these childrens minds. I have believed from the get go, Obama has a reason, a plan, for everything he does, not just the obvious. On the news this morning it was reported that HCDE said it was the dcision of the principal as to weither the children view this program or not.
Parents, it is your decision. Many have said their child we be kept home that day.
Remember, there is a reason for everything.
Be aware, do not keep your guard down.
Mitchell Thurmer
Signal Mountain

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

SIgnal Mountain Tn School Mess

Just imagine, during very early construction, you are selected as the Principal of Hamilton County's, Signal Mountains' ,Flagship. During the construction phase, you observe the best of everything being brought in. Equipment is second to none. Electronic and high tech communications, multi media, and the premier quality of the products are amazing. The Mountain Education Fund is at your becon call, with their checkbook in hand. HDTV'S are in the hallway, High Tech is everywhere,
This is education utopia, and as Principal, you are looked upon as the Captain of this glorius ship.
One of your teacher/friends has a problem, his credintials have some "minor" problems, but being he is your dear friend, a teacher, and you even attending his wedding, it's ok to "bend " the rules a little and fix his problems, after all you are the Principal of SMMHS, who will question your authitory.The sad news is after the wedding, it came out the great teacher, who students really liked, was selling illegal prescription drugs obtained thru his wife, who worked at Walgreens.
The high obtained from being in such a position obscured the problems you may have caused for students due to this "minor" problem.
I have a grandaughter now in my opinion at much better school, who although a Junior, will face whatever remedies Gravitte has brought upon her.
I caught Hell from a lot of Chattanoogan readers, of course from Signal Mtn, when I complained about Mr. Gravitte allowing cell phone useage in school. I have a witness who has seen texting constantly going on in class, regardless of my critics, I stand by my source. I sincerely hope that Mr. Gravitte's replacement will be given a set of the rules of the HCDE and enforce them to the letter. One of which simply states, NO Cell Phones in school. Mr. gravitte did not have the authority to "bend " this rule as he attempted to bend others.
I hope the new principal conducts a full investigation of all the goings on, the presence and influence of the Founder's Fund, Friends of the School, Mountain Eduction Fund or whatever else today's name is. He needs to exaimine their place in this system, period, and decide who is going to run it, him or them.
Also, I have Info that PTA officials have positions within the school administration. If this is the case, they have access to sensitve student files, financial records and other paperwork which should be confidential except to HCDE employees with a security level to review them.
Mr. Gravitte is on paid leave, until they find another position for him in HCDE. I have never heard of someone being caught falsifying records, and being being retained and paid. In the real Coroporate world, Security escorts to the Door, with a file box of personal items period. What is the Deal? Once you go to work for these people they can't fire you"
Mitchell E. Thurmer
Signal Mountain