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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chrysler Finance Expects Churches to make Payments.

Every Day I cease to be amazed. My Brother in Law called this morning. He is battling Cancer and cannot work any longer. He has a Dodge truck financed thru Chrysler Finance.

Chrysler Finance called last week, he is 1 month behind on his payments. He pleaded with the caller that he needed a refinance, some help, any help, to keep the truck rather than let it go back. The caller next dropped a bombshell. He recommended he go to a local Church and ask for assistance. My Brother in Law could not believe what he heard. He asked what do I do next month, go to another Church and repeat. The called said yes.

My Brother in Law told the Caller he would go to Church for only one reason, to worship God, not to beg for money.

It appears this is where we have gotten to. The Financial Sector, suffering thru a Recession, is expecting people to turn to Churches to keep them afloat. My Brother in Law reminded the caller that Chrysler had had recieved Government/Citizen's Money and now they were looking to Churches to fund them. The caller stated that Chrysler Finance did not recieve any Government/Citizen's Funds. I have not yet taken the time to research this claim as I am too upset.

Where in the world are we headed when the Financial Sector tells us to bleed money from the Faithful. This is an outrage. My Brother in Law told the Caller before he would do as they said to come and get the Truck, Period. The Caller reminded him he was on a taped line which he replied, Fine, Bring it to Court and let everyone hear this outrage.

I always welcome feedback. I am interested to know if this is becoming widespread with the economic downturn or is this an isolated incident perpatrated by an overzealous irrelegious libertine.

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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