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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wow !, I have so much to talk about..It's all good !

If you remember, I was miserable, Period. Everything simply sucked. Confused and dazed, did not remember what I had for dinner before. I guess you get the picture.

I go to Nashville, To Vanderbilt Medical Center's Multiple Sclerosis Clinic. I had the attitude this was my last chance. I had been to Neuro's, some never even laid a hand on me the first time they ever saw me. Looking back, MS patients are a cash cow. Think about it, from a Dr's stanpoint you come in every 60-90 days and get a pat on the back, refills for whatever Tranquilizers you're on and thats it.

Not at Nashville. They listened. They Listened to Deanna describe me when I appeared to have drunk a 12 Pack. After much consideration, Dr. Moses (yeah, that's his name Thank God whips out his script pad and writes me Tegretol. Tegretol is an old Epileptic Med. He said he thought this might stop my MS brain from going to these cocktail parties I was not invited to.

For two weeks, last Tuesday (knock on wood) I have not had a single problem, period.
Praise God ! Everyone says I look differently, really. My eyes feel wide open.

Now for the second part of this change in me. A few months ago i decided I had enough. You have heard the song, "Jesus take the wheel", that was how I felt. I have fought MS for 20 years. I thouht you could be a Christian and not go to Church. We had looked over the years, wasn't really feeling right. David Clemons, a dear friend of mine and fellow Lodge member kept telling me to come to his church. Well. we knew the time had come. Deanna and I went to Sawyer's Missionary Baptist Church and found our home. A small little white church in the country,a wonderful Pastor named larry Miller. Great members, never a stranger, In fact, Deanna and I joined the church last Sunday. Life is different now. God sent me to Vanderbilt and co-ordinated this entire turnaround.

Life is wonderful. MS has met it's mach, God is healing me and beleive me, I know it..

Everyone please pray for Deanna and I, we have finally found the path.

Praise God in the highest and may each reader of this be touched by his power, Mitch

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