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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Obama Battle in, ( I Love this Stuff !)

Spending Spree In Spain - And Response (4)
posted August 9, 2010

Another 131,000 people lost jobs in July. The recovery has stalled and the nation is in deep debt. The recovery would probably be turning around and jobs being created if the administration had chosen another path other than government spending. But this regime is so out of touch with the nation, its problems, and any good solutions.

A good example of being out of touch is the glitzy, posh, expensive vacation Michelle Obama is taking in Spain. The luxury resort in Costa del Sol has turned over about 50 rooms for the Queen of America. She took 40 of her closest friends with her on this extended spending spree.

The American people paid for the transportation of Queen Michelle’s entourage, are footing the bill for security and who knows what else. So, instead of vacationing here and spending all that money on American businesses and tipping American workers, we are benefiting Spain. I guess this is the Obamas’ idea of Spanish stimulus checks.

Some are calling this insensitive, but I say it is par for the course with this administration. Since coming into the White House this family has treated the presidency just like Tony Heywood treated his job with BP - as a privileged CEO.

So as the Queen relaxes from all her hard work fighting obesity she probably giggles when she hears that more people are on food stamps than ever before by saying if they are hungry, then let them eat cake.

Why am I paying my taxes to get this kind of leadership or the lack thereof?

Johnny Franks

* * *

I really hate to burst Johnny Franks's bubble with the truth, but here goes:

According to a website, the trip consisted of Mrs. Obama, two other women and four children. It specifically states, "not 40 as has been reported by some news outlets." It also states that she was asked by one of the women to join them on the trip, she is paying for her own spending, and the friends flew commercially, not on a government plane.

Much of the criticism comes from the fact that any president or first lady must, whether at home or abroad, follow Secret Service protocols. Since the assassination of President Kennedy after his override of Secret Service protocols, presidents no longer have that option. That means that they must fly in a government plane (reimbursing the taxpayers for the cost of a first-class ticket) and have full Secret Service protection.

High-end resorts are generally more secluded and thus, have better security, so that's why they use those. And, obviously, no one expects the Secret Service agents to work for free or pay for their own food, so they are provided rooms and a per diem. They would be paid the same, regardless of where the vacation is.

The same rules applied to Reagan and both Bushes. It is nice to know that the hateful are bipartisan and consistent; I remember when Nancy Reagan was being bashed as "Queen Nancy."

You might also learn that President Obama has taken fewer vacation days than any of his recent predecessors. Or to learn that former Vice President Cheney requested an extension of Secret Service protection when it expired, which was granted.

Check your facts, double-check your sources (don't believe everything you read in an email).

Kim Kinsey

* * *

Great post Kim. I was just about to submit the same “facts” after reading Mr. Franks’ posting. I could not have stated it better. It still amazes me that President Obama’s critics continue to blast him with clearly biased and untrue attacks. So now I guess it’s not OK, in their opinion, for Mrs. Obama to take a vacation? I suppose when all of the previous First Ladies traveled they all went to Gatlinburg, flew commercial and took a pocket knife for protection.

Glenn Scruggs

* * *

No matter what fact we critics of the Obama's provide we will be attacked in mass by the Kool-Aid Shooters.

Johnny Franks recently wrote a fair and balanced account of the Queen's jaunt to Spain to console her oby-gyn whose father recently passed. I had an opinion piece in my mind but after Johnny submitted his, I was so pleased I just let his ride.

Someone, maybe the Pope, needs to compile their total excursions, on your dime. But even then, he would be attacked. These people from Barack, Michelle, the Kids, Michelle's Momma, and whoever else has moved in, seem to be pinching themselves in disbelief that they have hit the jackpot. I mean wow, she doesn't even have to put on her on make up. Her staff's annual salary is in excess of $1.3 million.

George W. refused to play golf while we are at war, as to not project an image that he was not fully engaged. I guess BHO is so brilliant he can play basketball with his celebrity friends and still manage the war, our dying economy, the $13 trillion deficit and ObamaCare. He is so amazing the rest of us just stand in awe.

No not really...we are getting the shaft and some of you will never know it or even admit that it is happening.

May God please watch over our country while it is being destroyed from within by Socialists.

November is coming - 85 days to go. Mark your calendars.

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

* * *

In response to Mr. Thurmer – First, a simple internet search would have shown you that it is a lie to say that President Bush didn’t play golf after pledging not to play during the Iraq war. You can find the proof here - If you have proof showing otherwise, please let us all know.

Second, did you criticize Mr. Bush for mountain biking during the war as you criticized President Obama for playing basketball?

Third, all First Ladies have staffs. Did you look up how much Mrs. Bush staff cost? Was it more or less than $1.3 million a year? Did you criticize Mrs. Reagan for how much she spent to change the china pattern in the White House? Or are you just looking grasping for any reason to criticize and administration whose policies you don’t support.

With all the problems facing our country, you’re concerned about golf, mountain biking, and the First Lady’s staff? Really?

Robert Pregulman
Seattle, WA

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