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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Glenn Beck's Honor

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor 2010 was a call for America to return to our roots.

Glenn spoke on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, where as Sarah Palin said " Two Score and 7 years ago " MLK Jr. made his exceptional " I have a Dream " Speech.
What more honor could Glenn and Company have paid to MLK Jr. than to speak about America's return to God on this date and at this sacred place.

Every Public School in this Country should Re-Play this entire event to the student population. Conservatives wonder why our Country has veered so far off course and then elected a Radical President. The removal of God from our Schools was a major contributor. Our Youth has no direction, no moral compass. There is a small minority, who thanks to their parents, know the truth and follow God in their lives. They will be the leaders and new cornerstones in this Nation.

All is not lost. Brave men like Glenn Beck who will stand on Government Property and proclain the need for God in our lives and Country will lead the way. Who will be the next Ronald Reagan or John Wayne ? These Patriots are out there, seeking direction. The future will see a rebirth of citizens placing God back in our Country, as it was founded.

Many thanks to Glenn Beck and all the others who stood up on those steps and told the truth !
November is Coming !

Mitch Thurmer
Signal Mountain

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